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 Track 1

T1.1: Model-based approaches
Wednesday, 8:40- 10:00
Chairs: Alois Zoitl, Martin Melik-Merkumians 
Room: Enzian
Michael Steinegger, Martin Melik-Merkumians, Johannes Zajc and Georg Schitter. Automatic Generation of Diagnostic Handling Code for Decentralized PLC-based Control Architectures [38]
Dejiu Chen, Dmitri Valeri Panfilenko, Mahmood R. Khabazzi and Daniel Sonntag. A Model-Based Approach to Qualified Process Automation for Anomaly Detection and Treatment [7]
Patrick Bareiß, Daniel Schuetz, Rafael Priego, Marga Marcos and Birgit Vogel-Heuser. A Model-based Failure Recovery Approach for automated Production Systems combining SysML and Industrial Standards [55]
T1.2: Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Models
Wednesday, 15:30-17:30
Chairs: Alois Zoitl, Arndt Lüder
Room: Enzian
Richard Mordinyi, Dietmar Winkler, Fajar J. Ekaputra, Manuel Wimmer and Stefan Biffl. Investigating Model Slicing Capabilities on Integrated Plant Models with AutomationML [193]
Dietmar Winkler, Fajar Ekaputra and Stefan Biffl. AutomationML Review Support in Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Environments [192]
Luca Berardinelli, Rainer Drath, Emanuel Mätzler and Manuel Wimmer. On The Evolution of CAEX: A Language Engineering Perspective [111]
Pouria Ghobadi Bigvand, Alexander Fay, Rainer Drath and Pablo Rodriguez. Concept and development of a semantic based data hub between process design and automation system engineering Tools [73]
Arndt Lüder, Nicole Schmidt and Michael John. Lossless Exchange of Automation Project Configuration Data [88]
Hannes Röpke, Kristofer Hell, Zawisza Jacek, Arndt Lüder and Nicole Schmidt.Identification of “Industrie 4.0” Component Hierarchy Layers [99]
T1.3: Semantic and Formal Methods
Thursday, 8:30-10:30
Chairs: Alois Zoitl, Valeriy Vyatkin
Room: Enzian
Selma Kchir, Saadia Dhouib, Jérémie Tatibouet, Baptiste Gradoussoff and Max Da Silva Simoes. RobotML for Industrial Robots: Design and Simulation of Manipulation Scenarios [64]
Nils Wantia, Menno Esen, André Hengstebeck, Frank Heinze, Juergen Rossmann, Jochen Deuse and Bernd Kuhlenkoetter. Task planning for human robot interactive processes [158]
Shuhui Qu, Jie Wang and Shivani Govil. Learning Adaptive Dispatching Rules for a Manufacturing Process System: An Ontology-Based, Reinforcement Learning Approach [44]
Florian Göbe, Oliver Ney and Stefan Kowalewski. Reusability and Modularity of Safety Specifications for Supervisory Control [112]
Grischan Engel, Thomas Greiner and Sascha Seifert. Semantic Subgraph Isomorphism for Enabling Physical Adaptability of Cyber-Physical Production Systems [80]
Antti Pakonen, Cheng Pang, Igor Buzhinsky and Valeriy Vyatkin. User-friendly formal specification languages – conlusions drawn from industrial experience on model checking [50]
T1.4: Decision support systems
Thursday, 14:30-15:30
Chairs: Alois Zoitl, Pekka Aarnio
Room: Enzian
Willian Tessaro Lunardi, Leonardo Amaral, Sabrina Marczak, Fabiano Hessel and Holger Voos. Automated Decision Support IoT Framework. [213]
Jan Olaf Blech, Lasith Fernando, Keith Foster, Abhilash G and Sudarsan Sd. Spatio-temporal Reasoning and Decision Support for Smart Energy Systems [30]
Salvatore Cavalieri and Marco Stefano Scroppo. Moving IEC 61131-3 applications to a computing framework based on CLR Virtual Machine [29]
T1.5: Service-oriented Architectures
Thursday, 16:00-18:00
Chairs: Valeriy Vyatkin, Martin Melik-Merkumians
Room: Enzian
Sachari Wassilew, Jan Ladiges, Thomas Holm, Leon Urbas and Alexander Fay. Transformation of the NAMUR MTP to OPC UA to allow Plug and Produce for Modular Process Automation [93]
Slavomír Kozár and Petr Kadera. Integration of IEC 61499 with OPC UA [173]
Markus Graube, Jan Hladik and Leon Urbas. Integrating Industrial Middleware in Linked Data Collaboration Networks [42]
Martin Melik Merkumians, Matthias Baierling and Georg Schitter. A Service-Oriented Domain Specific Language Programming Approach for Batch Processes [68]
Udayanto Dwi Atmojo, Zoran Salcic and Kevin I-Kai Wang. Extending SOSJ Framework for Large-Scale Dynamic Manufacturing Systems [14]
Irlan Grangel, Lavdim Halilaj, Diego Collarana, Sören Auer, Steffen Lohmann and Christoph Lange. An RDF-based Approach for Implementing Industry 4.0 Components with Administration Shells [121]
T1.6: Modular and Reusable Software Components
Thursday, 16:00-18:00
Chairs: Cesare Fantuzzi, Birgit Vogel-Heuser
Room: Limmat
Shunsuke Hori and Takuya Azumi. Extended Mapping Algorithm Based on Modularity from Synchronous Block Diagrams to AUTOSAR Runnables [155]
Thomas Cochard, David Gouyon and Jean-François Petin. Generation of safe operation sequences using iterative refinements and abstractions of timed automata [66]
Julius Pfrommer, Miriam Schleipen, Selma Azaiez, Michael Boc, Loïc Cudennec, Selma Kchir, Thibaud Tortech and Xenia Klinge. Deploying New Functionality to Manufacturing Resources Safely at Runtime [124]
Giacomo Barbieri and Cesare Fantuzzi. Design of cyber-physical systems: definition and metamodel for reusable resources [71]
Michelle Günther, Patrick Diekhake, André Scholz, Damian Diaz, Philipp Puntel Schmidt, Uwe Becker and Alexander Fay. Requirements engineering and modelling for Building automation Systems [35]
T1.7:  Virtual Commisioning and Testing
Friday, 9:10-10:30
Chairs: Alois Zoitl, Holger Voos
Room: Enzian
Yu Kaneko, Toshio Ito and Takahiro Hara. A Measurement Study on Virtualization Overhead for Applications of Industrial Automation Systems [13]
Sebastian Süß, Stephan Magnus, Mario Thron, Holger Zipper, Ulrich Odefey, Anton Strahilov, Adam Kodowski and Thomas Bär. Test methodology for virtual commissioning based on behaviour simulation of production [28]systems
Niklas Paganus, Karri Honkoila and Tommi Karhela. Integrating dynamic process simulation into detailed automation Engineering [89]
Pekka Aarnio, David Hästbacka and Valeriy Vyatkin. Context Modeling with Situation Rules for Industrial Maintenance [174]

Track 2

T2.1: Automation and industrial Internet of Things
Wednesday, 8:40- 10:00

Chairs: Stig Petersen, Stefano Scanzio
 Room: Limmat
Damian Eduardo Diaz Fuentes, Uwe Becker, Patrick Diekhake, Michelle Günther, André Scholz, Philipp Puntel Schmidt and Alexander Fay. Evaluation and simulation of building automation systems based on their AutomationML description [34]
Ahmed Ismail and Wolfgang Kastner. Discovery in SOA-Governed Industrial Middleware with mDNS and DNS-SD [164]
Dirk Schulz. Network Models for the Industrial Intranet - A Survey of Requirements, Challenges, and the State of the Art [194]
Manuel Cheminod, Luca Durante, Adriano Valenzano and Claudio Zunino. Performance Impact of Commercial Industrial Firewalls on Networked Control Systems [219]
T2.2: Wireless communication
Wednesday, 15:30-17:30
Chairs: Stig Petersen, Claudio Zunino
  Room: Limmat
Shehzad Ali Ashraf, Ismet Aktas, Erik Eriksson, Ke Wang Helmersson and Junaid Ansari. Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communication for Wireless Factory Automation: From LTE to 5G [18]
Dmitrii Kirov, Roberto Passerone and Massimo Donelli. Statistical Characterization of the 2.4 GHz Radio Channel for WSN in Indoor Office Environments [45]
Gianluca Cena, Stefano Scanzio and Adriano Valenzano. Design Guidelines to Improve Reliability of Seamless Redundancy in Wi-Fi Networks [115]
Lisa Underberg, Armin Wulf, Ramona Croonenbroeck, Wolfgang Endemann and Rüdiger Kays. Parallel Sequence Spread Spectrum: Analytical and Simulative Approach for Determination of Bit Error Probability [120]
Jesus Aisa, Hossein Fotouhi, Luis Almeida and José Luis Villarroel. DoTHa - A Double-threshold Hand-off Algorithm for Managing Mobility in Wireless Mesh Networks [139]
Trong Tuan Nguyen and Dong-Seong Kim. Collaborative Transmission Schemes in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks [161]
T2.3: Real-time and industrial networks
Thursday, 14:30-15:30
Chairs: Claudio Zunino, Uwe Meier
 Room: Limmat
Matthias Hinkfoth and Ralf Salomon. Fast Bit Compressor: A Novel Implementation of a Low Latency Modulation Using Binary Signals on Bandwidth Limited Links [135]
Mohammad Elattar, Verena Wendt, Arne Neumann and Jürgen Jasperneite. Potential of Multipath Communications to Improve Communications Reliability for Internet-based Cyber-physical Systems [170]
Emilie Deroche, Jean-Luc Scharbarg and Christian Fraboul. Mapping real-time communicating tasks on a distributed IMA architecture [232]

Track 3

T3.1: Timing Verification
Wednesday, 15:30-17:30
Chairs:  Ahlem Mifdaoui, Luis Almeida
Room:  Reuss
Daniel Thiele and Rolf Ernst. Formal Worst-Case Performance Analysis of Time-Sensitive Ethernet with Frame Preemption [8]
Davide Compagnin and Tullio Vardanega. An automated framework for the timing analysis of applications for an automotive multicore processor [211]
Matthias Beckert, Mischa Möstl and Rolf Ernst. Zero-Time Communication for Automotive Multi-Core Systems under SPP Scheduling [202]
Marc Boyer and Pierre Roux. Embedding network calculus and event stream theory in a common model [206]
Marcus Lindner, Andreas Lindner and Per Lindgren. Safe tasks: run time verification of the RTFM-lang model of computation [187]
Cláudio Maia, Daniel Gracia Pérez, Luís Nogueira and Luis Miguel Pinho. A closer look into the AER model [209]
T3.2: Design and Methods
Thursday, 14:30-15:30
Chairs: Rolf Ernst, Sebastian Schriegel
Room: Siemenssaal
Fardin Abdi Taghi Abad, Renato Mancuso, Stanley Bak, Or Dantsker and Marco Caccamo. Reset-Based Recovery for Real-Time Cyber-Physical Systems with Temporal Safety Constraints [199]
Milena Marques, Lisane Brisolara, Paulo Ferreira Jr. and Leandro Indrusiak. Eboracum: An Extensible Framework for High-level Modeling and Evaluation of Reactive and Adaptable WSNs [210]
Hamid Faragardi, Aboozar Rajabi, Kristian Sandström and Thomas Nolte. EAICA: An Energy-aware Resource Provisioning Algorithm for Real-Time Cloud Services [216]
T3.3: IT/OT convergence for Real-Time and (Networked) Embedded Systems
Friday, 13:30-14:30
Chairs: Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas, Wilfried Steiner
Room: Siemenssaal
Marius Corici, Benjamin Reichel, Bernd Bochow and Thomas Magedanz: An SDN-based Solution for Increasing Flexibility and Reliability of Dedicated Network Environments. [198]
Fernando S. Gonçalves and Leandro Buss Becker: Model Driven Engineering Approach to Design Sensing and Actuation Subsystems. [208]
Wilfried Steiner, Pablo Gutierrez Peon, Marina Gutierrez, Ayhan Mehmed, Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas, Elena Lisova and Francisco Pozo: Next Generation Real-Time Networks Based on IT Technologies. [224]

Track 4

T4.1: Advanced computerized manufacturing systems
Wednesday, 15:30-17:30
Chairs:  Alexander Fay, Michael Weyrich
Room: Siemenssaal
Florian Kerber and Gitte Haendel. A UML-based Approach to Manage Product Variability in Automated Production Lines [166]
Vuk Lesi, Zivana Jakovljevic and Miroslav Pajic. Towards Plug-n-Play Numerical Control for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems [159]
Henry Bloch, Alexander Fay and Mario Hoernicke. Analysis of service-oriented architecture approaches suitable for modular process Automation [31]
Heng-Chao Yan, Junhong Zhou and Chee Khiang Pang. New Types of Faults Detection and Diagnosis Using A Mixed Soft/Hard Clustering Framework [78]
Stephane Barde, Hayong Shin and Soumaya Yacout. Opportunistic Preventive Maintenance Strategy of a Multi-Component System with Hierarchical Structure by Reinforcement Learning [40]
Omid Geramifard, Yi Zhi Zhao, Yong Quan Chua and Ian Chan. Power-Signature-Based Bayesian Multi-Classifier for Operation Mode Identification [165]
T4.2: Scheduling and control of manufacturing systems
Thursday, 8:30-10:30
Chairs:  Stefan Schaefer, Vicente Lucena Jr.
Room: Limmat
Istvan Modos, Premysl Sucha and Zdenek Hanzalek. Robust Scheduling for Manufacturing with Energy Consumption Limits [141]
Xu Gong, Toon De Pessemier, Wout Joseph and Luc Martens. A power data driven energy-cost-aware production scheduling method for sustainable manufacturing at the unit process Level [5]
Sitong Xu, Xiang Li and Wen Feng Lu. ReliefF Filtering for Feature Selection in Complex Manufacturing Processes [131]
Fabio Pini, Matteo Ansaloni and Francesco Leali. Evaluation of operator relief for an effective design of HRC workcells [160]
Duc Tho Le, Mayur Andulkar and Wenchao Zou. Self Adaptive System for Flexible Robot Assembly Operation [180]
Sebastian Keller, Robert Hausmann, Lydia Kressner and Alexander Koenig. An approach of a computerized planning assistant to the system design of collaborative robot installations [16]
T4.3: Modeling and analysis based on Petri net models
Friday, 13:30-14:30
Chairs: Jolanda Coppola, Manuel Navarro-Gutierrez
Room: Limmat
Francesco Basile, Pasquale Chiacchio and Jolanda Coppola. A Colored Timed Petri Net model for a cyber-physical view of automated warehouse Systems [26]
Ricardo Casas-Carrillo, Ofelia Begovich, Javier Ruiz-León and Sergej Čelikovský. Adaptive Fault Diagnoser based on PSO Algorithm in a class of Timed Continuous Petri Nets [234]
Manuel Navarro-Gutierrez, Antonio Ramirez-Trevino and Manuel Silva. On the duality between firing rate and initial marking variations in TCPN [237]

Track 5

T5.1:  Advanced Control Application
Wednesday, 15:30-17:30
Chairs: Marian Barbu, Domenico Gorni
Room: Glacier
Tino Müller and Christian Endisch. Compensation Techniques for Iterative Rig Control in Multi-Axial Durability Testing [15]
Jukka Kortela and Sirkka-Liisa Jämsä-Jounela. Improvement of load-following capacity of grate boilers based on the combustion power soft-sensor [184]
Everson Siqueira, Rodrigo Azzolin, Silvia Botelho and Vinícius Menezes de Oliveira. Sensors Data Fusion to Navigation Inside Pipe Using Kalman Filter [176]
Domenico Gorni and Antonio Visioli. Optimal temperature set-point planning for residential Buildings [57]
Ciprian Vlad, Marian Barbu and Ramon Vilanova. Fuzzy Control of an Electrical Energy Generation System [227]
T5.2 Advanced Industrial Control techniques
Thursday, 8:30-10:30
Chairs: Takao Sato, Josep M. Olm
 Room: Reuss
Ciro Larco Barros, Josep M. Olm and Ramon Costa-Castelló. Rejection of periodic disturbances using MRAC with minimal controller Synthesis [22]
Takao Sato, Takahiro Honda, Nozomu Araki and Yasuo Konishi. Data-driven Dual-rate Control System [27]
J.A. Martinez, Orlando Arrieta, Ramon Vilanova, José David Rojas, Leonardo Marin and Marian Barbu. Model Reference PI Controller Tuning for Second Order Inverse Response and Dead Time Processes [113]
Nikita Saxena and Chidambaram Manickam. Improved relay auto-tuning method for unstable TITO Systems [47]
Adriana Costas López, Miguel Cerdeira Corujo, Antonio Barreiro Blas, Emma Delgado Romero and Alfonso Baños Torrico. Car platooning reconfiguration applying reset control techniques [24]
T5.3 : Predictive Control: Design, Tuning and Applications
Thursday, 16:00-18:00
Chairs: Amer Atta Yaseen, Jani Jokinen 
Room: Reuss
Andrzej Pawlowski, José Luis Guzmán, Manuel Berenguel, Julio E. Normey-Rico and Sebastián Dormido. Multivariable GPC for Processes with Multiple Time Delays: Implementation Issues [59]
Andres Larrea, Oscar Barambones and Jose Antonio Ramos-Hernanz. Design and Implementation of a Predictive Control System for a Photovoltaic Generator [118]
Amer Yaseen and Mireille Bayart. Intelligent Generalized Predictive Control Strategy for Networked Control System with an Internal Cyber-Attack Detector [185]
Min Zhou, Zhao-Qin Guo and Xiang Li. Design of Model Predictive Control for Time-Varying Nonlinear System Based on Gaussian Process Regression Modeling [77]
Israel Gonçalves de Oliveira, Walter Fetter Lages. Repetitive Control Applied to Robot Manipulators [186]
T5.4: Control in Industry and Manufacturing
Friday, 13:30-14:30
Chairs:  Andrzej Pawlowski, Israel Goncalves
Room: Enzian
Valery Finaev, Ekaterina Sinajvskaya, Arndt Lüder and Daria Ryashentseva. Updating probabilistic method of the fuzzy control model’s parameters of the production facilities [17]
Andreas Bunte, Alexander Diedrich and Oliver Niggemann. Integrating Semantics for Diagnosis of Manufacturing Systems [56]
Jani Jokinen and Jose Martinez Lastra. Industrial monitoring and control approach for dynamic and distributed intelligent Systems [101]

Track 6

T6.2 Detection, Recognition and Adaption
Friday, 13:30 - 14:30
Chairs: Volker Lohweg, Helene Dörksen
Room: Reuss
Daniel Zurita Millan, Enric Sala Cardoso, Jesus Adolfo Carino Corrales, Miguel Delgado Prieto and Juan Antonio Ortega Redondo. Industrial Process Monitoring by means of Recurrent Neural Networks and Self Organizing Maps [169]
Sahar Torkamani, Alexander Dicks and Volker Lohweg. Anomaly Detection on ATMs via Time Series Motif Discovery [84]
Alexander Jungmann and Bernd Kleinjohann. A Holistic and Adaptive Approach for Automated Prototyping of Image Processing Functionality [157]
T6.1: Optimization and Modern Heuristics
Thursday, 16:00-18:00
Chairs: David Fofi, Helene Dörksen 
Room: Aare
Eric Duviella, Houda Nouasse, Arnaud Doniec and Karine Chuquet. Dynamic Optimization Approaches for Resource Allocation Planning in Inland Navigation Networks [41]
Miguel Leon Ortiz, Yigen Zenlander and Ning Xiong. Designing Optimal Harmonic Filters in Power Systems Using Greedy Adaptive Differential Evolution [212]
Christian Nissler, Stefan Büttner, Zoltan-Csaba Marton, Laura Beckmann and Ulrike Thomas. Evaluation and Improvement of Global Pose Estimation with Multiple AprilTags for Industrial Manipulators [43]
Malte Strop and Detmar Zimmer. Intelligent Operating Strategy for an Internal Rubber Mixer's Multi-Motor Drive System Based on Artificial Neural Network [6]

Track 7

T7.1: Mobile robots
Wednesday, 8:40- 10:00
Chairs: Sebastian Zug, Raul Suarez
Room:  Reuss
Sorin Adam, Marco Kuhrmann and Ulrik Schultz. Towards a Virtual Machine Approach to Resilient and Safe Mobile Robots [181]
Reza Dariani, Stephan Schmidt and Roland Kasper. Optimal Control Based Approach For Autonomous Driving [52]
Anush Manukyan, Miguel Angel Olivares-Mendez, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé, Holger Voos and Yves Le Traon. UAV degradation identification for pilot notification using machine learning techniques [172]
Bouadi Hakim, Eliker Karam and Haddad Moussa. Flight Planning and Guidance Features for an UAV Flight Management Computer [74]
T7.2: Planning
Thursday, 8:30-10:30
Chairs: Raul Suarez, Sebastian Zug
Room: Siemenssaal
Stefano Primatesta, Ludovico Orlando Russo and Basilio Bona. Dynamic Trajectory Planning for Mobile Robot Navigation in Crowded Environments [136]
Christian Pek, Arne Muxfeldt and Daniel Kubus. Simplifying Synchronization in Cooperative Robot Tasks – An Enhancement of the Manipulation Primitive Paradigm [189]
Aliakbar Akbari, Muhayyuddin and Jan Rosell. Task Planning Using Physics-based Heuristics on Manipulation Actions [25]
Arne Muxfeldt and Daniel Kubus. Hierarchical Decomposition of Industrial Assembly Tasks [81]
Marco Faroni, Manuel Beschi, Antonio Visioli and Lorenzo Molinari Tosatti. A Global Approach to Manipulability Optimisation for a Dual-Arm Manipulator [62]
Noé Alvarado Tovar and Raul Suarez. Grasp Synthesis of 3D Articulated Objects with n Links [76]
T7.3: Software architectures and sensor applications
Friday, 9:10-10:30
Chairs: Raul Suarez, Sebastian Zug
Room: Limmat
Jan Niklas Haus, Arne Muxfeldt and Daniel Kubus. Material Comparison and Design of a Flexible Tactile Sensor Matrix for Industrial Manipulators [190]
Maarten Verheyen, Wim Beckers, Eric Claesen, Geert Moonen and Eric Demeester. Vision-based Sorting of Medium Density Fibreboard and Grade A Wood Waste [183]
Matteo Tanzini, Juan Manuel Jacinto-Villegas, Massimo Satler, Carlo Alberto Avizzano and Marta Niccolini. An embedded architecture for robotic manipulation in the construction field [177]
Niccolò Iannacci, Matteo Giussani and Federico Vicentini. Robotic Cell Work-Flow Management through an IEC 61499-ROS architecture [162]

Track 8

T8.1: Computer Vision, Computational Intelligence, and Modern Heuristics in Automation
Thursday, 16:00-18:00
Chairs: Michael Short, Weilan Su
Room: Siemenssaal
Burkhard Hensel and Klaus Kabitzsch. Generator for Modular Virtual Sensors [63]
Sasanka Potluri and Christian Diedrich. Accelerated Deep Neural Networks for Enhanced Intrusion Detection System [145]
Long Bach Nguyen, Hak-Hui Choi and Dong-Seong Kim. Energy-Aware Routing Scheme in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks for Internet of Things Systems [148]
Dimitris Karadimas, Andreas Papalambrou, John Gialelis and Stavros Koubias. An integrated node for Smart-City applications based on active RFID tags; Use case on waste-bins [167]
Antônio Augusto Fröhlich, Davi Resner and Lucas Wanner. Speculative Precision Time Protocol: submicrosecond clock synchronization for the IoT [168]
Michael Short. Scheduling Master-Slave Wireless Networks in the Presence of Interference [203]

Track 9

T9.1: Information and  Communication Technology in Energy Systems: Smart Buildings and Cities
Wednesday, 8:40- 10:00
Chairs: Thomas Strasser, Marco Liserre
 Room: Siemenssaal
Enric Sala Cardoso, Konstantinos Kampouropoulos, Miguel Delgado Prieto and Luis Romeral Martínez. Disaggregation of HVAC Load Profiles for the Monitoring of Individual Equipment [21]
Thibaut Le Guilly, Arne Skou, Petur Olsen, Per Printz Madsen, Michele Albano, Luis Lino Ferreira, Luis Miguel Pinho, Miquel Casals, Marcel Macarulla, Marta Gangolells and Keld Pedersen. ENCOURAGEing Results on ICT for Energy Efficient Buildings [48]
Nikolaos Papakonstantinou, Jouni Savolainen, Jarmo Koistinen, Antti Aikala and Valeriy Vyatkin. District heating temperature control algorithm based on short term weather forecast and consumption predictions [92]
Dominik Henneke, Christian Freudenmann, Markus Kammerstetter, David Rua, Lukasz Wisniewski and Jürgen Jasperneite. Communications for AnyPLACE: A Smart Metering Platform with Management and Control Functionalities [106]
T9.2: Information and  Communication Technology in Energy Systems: Control and Communication
Friday, 13:30-14:30
Chairs: Oliver Langthaler, Marita Blank
Room: Aare
Armin Veichtlbauer, Manuel Parfant, Oliver Langthaler, Filip Pröstl Andrén and Thomas Strasser. Evaluating XMPP Communication in IEC 61499-based Distributed Energy Applications [85]
Zhi-Xiang Zou, Giampaolo Buticchi and Marco Liserre. Control and Communication in the Smart Transformer-fed Grid [105]