ETFA'2016 is sponsored by:  IEEE IES Fraunhofer IOSB-INA  


SS01: Methods and Technologies to enhance Software Reuse in Robotics & Automation
Wednesday, 8:40- 10:00
Chairs: Alois Zoitl, Stefan Zander;
Room: Glacier
Monika Wenger, Waldemar Eisenmenger, Georg Neugschwandtner, Ben Schneider and Alois Zoitl:A Model Based Engineering Tool for ROS Component Compositioning, Configuration and Generation of Deployment Information. [197]
Yingbing Hua, Stefan Zander, Mirko Bordignon and Björn Hein: From AutomationML to ROS - A Model-driven Approach for Software Engineering of Industrial Robotics using Ontological Reasoning. [222]
Ramez Awad, Georg Heppner, Arne Roennau and Mirko Bordignon: ROS Engineering Workbench based on semantically enriched App Models for improved Reusablity. [226]
Carsten Adelbert Niebuhr and Axel Vick: Distributed Real-Time Control Service Framework for Human-Robot Interaction Applications. [144]


SS02: Dependability and Robustness of Wireless Sensor Networks
Friday, 09:10- 10:30
Chairs: Michael Karner
Room: Glacier
Marco Steger, Michael Karner, Joachim Hillebrand, Werner Rom, Kay Roemer and Carlo Boano: Generic Framework Enabling Secure and Efficient Automotive Wireless SW Updates. [217]
Dhasarathy Parthasarathy, Russ Whiton, Jonas Hagerskans and Tomas Gustafsson: An in-vehicle wireless sensor network for heavy vehicles. [191]
Conrad Dandelski, Bernd-Ludwig Wenning, Michael Kuhn and Dirk Pesch: RLL - Reliable Low Latency Broadcast Data Dissemination in Dense Wireless Lighting Control Networks. [98]
Ramiro Sámano Robles, Julio Viana, Joao Loureiro, Joao Cintra, Andre Rocha and Eduardo Tovar: Active Flow Control for Aerospace Operations by Means of a Dense Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network (WiP). [36]


SS03: Safe Human-Robot Collaboration
Friday, 9:10-10:30
Chairs: Andrea Orlandini, Kaspar Althoefer;
Room: Siemenssaal
Iñaki Maurtua, Nicola Pedrocchi, Andrea Orlandini, José de Gea Fernández, Christian Vogel, Aaron Geenen, Kaspar Althoefer and Ali Shafti: FourByThree: Imagine humans and robots working hand in Hand. [229]
Iñaki Maurtua, Izaskun Fernandez, Johan Kildal, Loreto Susperregi, Alberto Tellaeche and Aitor Ibarguren: Enhancing Safe Human-Robot Collaboration through Natural Multimodal Communication. [214]
Amedeo Cesta, Giulio Bernardi, Andrea Orlandini and Alessandro Umbrico: Towards a Planning-based Framework for Symbiotic Human-Robot Collaboration. [231]